Sunday, November 10, 2019

5G Technology

EduTEC predicts 5G Best Buy stocks.  Amazon was an Internet stock that was a best buy.  "The race to 5G investments"

Source: Matt McCall, Tech Anylist, Investor Place
Early investors could make a windfall as 5G Technologies unlock $53 Trillion acrosss multiple industries.  The Internet allowed earnings shown on the Amazon graphic and earnings from companies listed below to grow over 20 years.

Over The Counter and Public traded Stocks of 5G companies will grow in value faster than Amazon. $1000.00 could gain in value with the types of earnings listed below in just 5 years vs. 20 years.
  • $1000 in Amazon stock you gained 116,200% and earned $1,162,005. 
  • $1000 in Apple stock you gained 38,500% and earned $385,000. 
  • $1000 in Intel you gained 15,973% and profited $159,739. 
  • $1000 in Netflix gained 21,500% and earned $215,000.00.
These stocks above are examples of gains over 20 years.  5G stocks will gain over 5 years.

Invest as little as $1000 and watch it grow
It’s a $500 billion project called 5G, or Fifth Generation Wireless Technology.  4G required around 200,000 new cell towers. AT&T says 5G will need another 800,000. And that’s only the start. No phone, computer, or modem on the market today is 5G “ready.” Which means everything needs an upgrade.

5G antenna signals can reach only 1 kilometer... or about 4 city blocks.  Compare that to a 4G signal, which can reach up to 70 kilometers.  There are 154K Towers today and there will be 800K more Small Cell Towers by 2026.  A lot of 5G antennas! 5G antenna Outlook

5G telecommunication terminals are expected to reach 50 billion in 2020 due to the increase in Smart Phones and Tablets.  New wireless communications inrastructures and standards are being adopted and 5G services for Broadband will change the  Internet of Things (IoT) - Internet of everything.  Search: "Fifth generation mobile communications" for more details.

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