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President Donald Trump knows how important 5G is and is investing $20 billion into what is being dubbed the next industrial revolution.

Donald Trump appears to have more coverage than VerizonPresident Trump has broken all time stock market highs and gains.  Trump has created the middle class (me) booming and best economy in 50 years.  I am making more money at my job and I am making more money investing in 5G stocks.

Invest $1000 today, vote Trump 2020 and get 10X-1000X fold gains in your 5G investments.  If  democrats impeach Trump with their scandalous abuse of power conspiricy and get in office, I fear I could loose my money.  Pokahontas and Bernie Sanders admit they are anti-stock market.  Sleepy Joe Biden said in the debates he will end fracking!  The stock Market could crash.

The resources below help me make my investment decisions.

FUNDEMENTAL information on companies before investing 


5G technologies discussed here: 5Global News, CTIA.org, GSMA and RC Wireless News 

I get Bill’s daily email news letter. Bill's firm is the largest underground research network on the planet.   Jeff Brown is the most knowledgeable 5G technology expert on the planet.  Jeff convinced me to invest in my 1st three 5G stocks: TSM; SWKS; XLNX


  1. Data related 5G companies 
  2. Chip related 5G companies 
  3. 5G infrastructure companies.  

  • 5g Data Stocks  - Waymo, Baidu, Qualcom, Nokia, Ericsson, Tesla
  • 5G Chip Stocks - NVIDIA, TSM, Qualcomm
  • 5G Infrastructure stocks - Microsoft, ATT, American Tower

    Verizon, T Mobile and ATT are building the most powerful 5G Networks in more places around the country.  And device makers like Sony, LG, and HTC plan to use them in their 5G products. The first 5G networks and devices will launch next year. Since Qualcomm is the only company that develops 5G chips and antennas, tens billions of dollars are set to flow its way.

    Verizon alone has spent upwards of $18 billion in 2019 on their 5G Network
    4G takes 3-4 minutes to download a movie on a smartphone
    5G takes 2-3 seconds to download movie on a smartphone

    Do you know what market is expected to exceed $12 trillion[1] in value within three years? That amount, by the way, is over 60% of the entire US economy![2]
    5G wireless technology is taking the globe by storm and is the secret driver of the global economy. After all, with the massive amount of data being shared around the world every second, a faster, more robust network is absolutely essential. 
    That’s why big investors like Bill Gates and Elon Musk and massive corporations like Softbank and Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. have poured hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions into this technology – they know how essential it is.
    Verizon and ATT are in the lead with 5G infrastructure 

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