5G Manufacturing

Smart Factory includes Robotics, Artificial Intellegence & Industrial Automation all integrated systems in 5G Network and of course automatic data collection technologies that EduTEC has taught since 1991 through our own System Integration Tools and Techniques.

 Combined with compute power at the Edge, this Innovation Zone at Samsung’s Texas factory will strive to show how Smart Manufacturing can evolve even further and strengthen the overall industry. 

5G promises to someday have a significant impact on Industry 4.0 connected manufacturing. It has the power to unlock new experiences in augmented reality, powerful machine learning and AI applications, intelligent robotics with 5G sensors and better predictive maintenance.
My favorite Mfg. book: The Soul of the Enterprise
 Creating a Dynamic Vision for American Manufacturing
 by Robert Hall the best selling author of Zero Inventories and editor of Target Magazine

The soul of lean manufacturing is quality growth - all basic concepts of JIT and TQM (Lean Strategies). That is, the objective is to flat-out beat the competition in operating capability and customer satisfaction.  Accomplishing this takes great cooperation among all parties to simultaneously decrease cost (eliminate waste, improve quality, eliminate scrap and defects + improve customer satisfaction with reliability durability service and so on) and increase the speed of response to external changes attaining them is impossible if the few direct the many in great detail in a centrally controlled company. 
Real Time Management is now possible with 5G(Scott Olson)

We havent learned to use a computer gracefuly yet.  In an information age enterprise, control systems - information, sensors, programming, robotics and human responsibility - become the critical factors.  5G enables technology (Scott Olson) World Class performance begins with world class trust.  Trust begins when inhouse secrets are extremeley limited and managers stop being bottlenecks of information flow.  Visibility systems make it easy to know the status of production and workflows.  When suppliers, employees and customers are truly partners, they want to know a great deal of information about products, services, and operations.  In fact they may expect to see actual cost figures, a no-no of business as usual.

Read the text on cockpit instruments

Timeliness is the keyIt's a peddle to the medal race for faster and better information. (Scott Olson)
The Value of information is greatest at the time the event occurs. (Loren Krueger)

Making decisions operating a business is much like making decisions operating in the cockpit of an airplane. Real Time Management (RTM) is paramount and relys on Real Time Information (RTI). One competitor has all the information to run their business-the fast moving jet.  The other smaller competitor p-u-t-s along in his small business-Piper Cub flying buy the seat of his pants.  They are both profitable businesses.  If you want to position yourself on the target (world class customer) you should be a world class manufacturer.

Monday morning comes around, business as usual, its all clear and everything is routine everyday until "Oh Shit" happens in the factory.  You have all the information here at the company but you have to go find it.  You have to make telephone calls to suppliers or maintenance or God forbid IT, you have to address employees with WTF, you hope you don't get fired or crash and burn before the boss or customer finds out.

It is plain to see flying an airplane the value of information when you get stuck in the clouds and can't see what's in front of you.  You need to rely on all your instruments (information in front of you in the cockpit) to see into the future.  you hope your'e flying straight and level when you might be flying sideways or upside down into a mountain, cell tower or another airplane. You may need outside help from air traffic control approaching clouds or when flying "in the soup". Every second and minute counts when things aren't clear.

Yet it is not so plain to see that information looses value every second, minute, hour, day, and week when operating a business until you are in the clouds or an "Oh Shit" happens and you don't have information at your fingertips or on your computer screens to make split minute decisions in the factory or warehouse.

Notice the words you need to track daily sales, profit, time, market, inventory, quality, cycle time, downtime, assets, throughput, labor, production control, WIP, customer satisfaction, shipping, recieving, cost of sales on the instruments and the cockpit panel graphic to visualize what and where to track, trace and count and use bar code, RFID, vision vision systems and sensors and other forms of automatic data collecion.

Bar Code and RFID is the key to successful RTI.  True RTM will now be available with 5G.

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