AI-artificial intellegence

AI-artificial intellegence

Whole 5G infrastructure has to be set up for AI to work ...Current 4G cell towers have strong signals and go far reaching.  5G will handle more wireless devices way faster and will need way more smaller cell towers for AI.

AI Technology is advancing faster than ever, and it’s not slowing down. This decade was the era of smart phones, streaming, and the internet of things. But with 5G and AI on the rise, high-tech executive Jeff Brown believes 2030 will be a new world. Brown is an early-stage tech investor and analyst who’s seen the modern technological revolution firsthand. He describes quantum computing as a moon landing and 5G as game-changing. He predicts a near future full of artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, wireless surgeries, genetic healing, cryptocurrencies, and more!

Jeff Brown looks at AI Stocks with Glen Beck

Fully robotic self-driving cars are already cruising around the suburbs.  Sensors, cameras, radar, and lidar are all over the outside of cars.  Google and Tesla have logged billions of hours of self driving data.  5G will augment data where self driving cars will be on every road.
In the Driverless Car Race, Waymo Is the Unquestionable Leader
Waymo, Google Vehicles testing in Arizona
Drones with Artificial Intellegence and Lidar sensors will require 5G enbled hardware and software.  Any given time there are 5000 aircraft flying in the U.S.  In 5 years there will be 1 million drones all flting at the same time
The Future of Robots Looks Promising, Especially for AI Investors-Learn Why

Amazon is one of the most prolific users of AI on Earth  They use AI prolifically for logistics and Retail Sectors 

Amazon is training ten's of thousands of employees on macine learning of Artificial Intelligence for the warehouses, ecommerce, cloud computing, retail stores and positioning employees for this new work force.  

Today we walk into a grocery store.  We get a cart or basket and put groceries in to the cart.  We go to check out at a long line in front of us and wait.  We get to check out and take our groceries out of cart as the cashier rings them up and swipes credit card and gives you a 5 foot long reciep.  Then you put the groceries back into the cart and go out to your car and take them out of the cart again.  I need a beer.

Amazon Go store has all your information from facial recognition and scanning your smartphone at the gate.  You walk into the store, pull items off the shelf and walk out the store.  You do nothing.  Artificial Intellegence takes care of charges. The entire store is wired with wireless computer vision (Once 5G is in place, you will ask your refrigerator or call Alexa at home what you groceries you need)

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