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Etrade is a commission free online Broker - etrade.com

Typically a stockbroker, investment broker, investment adviser, financial adviser, wealth manager, or investment professional help you and manage and charge you for trading your stocks.  One thing for sure is not to listen to the fake news mainstream media about investing.  They do not care about viewers.  They care about their advertisers.  The media pushes messages of fear and uncertainty.  It's irresponsible and dangerous.  They try to scare you about China or President Trumps tweets.  Today is the time to invest.

More and more beginner investors are using online brokers with little to no minimum amounts to invest.  ETrade Financial, TD America, Merrill Edge, Charles Schwab, Robin Hood, Fidelity are all online brokers you can search for online.

At a company meeting a long time ago we had a psychologist (friend of the owner) come in and talk wholistically about employees goals and overall health in the company.  I asked which of the many diet programs advertized on TV actually work for loosing weight?  His answer was "Any of them will work if you use them and none of them will if you don't".

I don't now why but, I use ETrade because the commissions are zero and there are no minimum deposits or trades.  You can start investing in stock with $500 and you can buy or sell daily on your cell phone during your lunch hour.  It's not real complicated.  It's easy to BUY and SELL stocks.
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To get started in nvesting call ETrade (800)387-2331.  Tell them you want to sign up for an acount. Ask all your questions and tell them your a beginner in the stock market.  Send $1000 and buy the stocks below and then manage stocks on your phone.  You can Google search these companies to get a feel about them.  Taiwan Semiconductor is a good BUY because they will be making the 5G chips for Samsung and Apple or IPhone and Andoid Manufacturers 

EduTEC Model Portfolio that provide highest returns:

Skyworks Solutions incorporated  SWKS  (NSDQ)

Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. LTD  TSM  (NYSE)

Xilinx Inc. Com  XLNX  (NSDQ)

Applied Opto Electronics AAOI (NSDQ)

Portfolio watch list includes shares of 5G Companies

Top 10 Picks from other Advisors.  The nice thing about the internet is that all the research information about a company is out there and the problem is that all the information is out there.  There is so much it is overwhelming and so time consuming.  These stocks picks may help you win the game by looking at what professionals are looking at. 

State Street Global Advisors

S&P Kenshow New Economies Composite KOMP

Qualcomm. QCOM - called Top pick by JP Morgan

Vision Technologies VSTCQ

Qorvo QRVO

Keysight KEYS

Broadcom AVGO

Inseego INSG

Comscope COMM

Cienna CIEN

Analog Devices ADI

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